Mailea Barker Describes Her Changed Life After an Unsuccessful Weight Loss Surgery!

Mailea shares "At age 30 after having 3 children naturally and weighing 300lbs I realized I NEVER made my own health a priority."
"So, I made a life-altering choice to have weight loss surgery."
"I was a prime candidate they said! Other than being fat I was healthy; the doctors thought so anyway."
"Surgery was hard. It left me with 18 staples in my stomach and a scar that is still very present each time I look in the mirror. I lost weight, of course, that was because I was on a liquid diet for 6 months. I also lost hair, calcium, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that my body needed."
"As I began to eat actual food again the weight immediately started to come back on. Only now with more health issues. If my food was not chewed to a pureed consistency, I would have to throw up to get relief from the pain in my esophagus and stomach. This went on for 20 years landing me in front of a rheumatologist, gastroenterologist and heart doctor at one time. I was prescribed 11 medications at the same time, all stemming from my weight."
"Marilyn Woodard, my sweet mother-in-“love”, shared her excitement about taking Trim Max about a year and a half ago. She was losing weight and getting healthy, but I was not interested. I think the timing wasn’t right for me. Marilyn then shared Trim Max with my mom, who was 72 at the time. As I witnessed my mom's transformation, I became interested. The timing was right for me."
"I made a choice to give Trim Max a real shot. Instead of ordering a sampler pack, I ordered the product. Today I recommend the Start Pack for the full experience. I thought if I saw any results at all in that first month that I would consider helping my mom get her sampler packs out. In the “First 3 Days” of being on Trim Max, I joined. I felt amazing and decided I wanted all my friends to feel the same way!"
"After being on Trim Max for only 8 weeks, I was down 18lbs when I weighed in at the rheumatologist office! I showed her the ingredients in the Trim Max and she was absolutely on board with me using it!!! She ran my bloodwork that day, and I was no longer deficient in ANY of the areas that were taking injections and supplements to improve! ONLY 8 WEEKS!!! She took me off the self-injections of B12 that day and I have not been deficient since!"
"There Is More!"
"The doctor also started weaning me off the other medications. Now, 1 year later, I am down 63lbs “so far” and am COMPLETELY MEDICATION FREE! Except for acid reflux meds for my damaged esophagus. No Antidepressants, No Neurontin, No Pain Meds, No Migraine Meds, No Sleeping Meds. It feels good not to be in bondage to Big Pharma anymore!!!"
"Yet the best part is, not only am I living my best life now, down from a size 18/20 to a size 12, I get to share this amazing product and their benefits to EVERYONE I care about! Some of my girlfriends are hitting goals and transforming their mental and physical health! It’s exciting to see them so excited!"
"I have also met some of the most transparent and amazing people through this company! At 49, I don’t remember a time in my adult life when I liked myself UNTIL NOW!! There is NO LIMIT to what my husband Jerry and my future holds now that we are a part of the Viiva family!!! I believe this product line and the Viiva Social Sharing Business Opportunity were brought to me for a Purpose Higher than myself and my needs and I cannot wait to see more lives transformed!!!! I am Grateful, I am Healthy, and I am Blessed beyond measure to be a part of something that is LIFE CHANGING, not only for me but for anyone with a need or desire for change! I THANK GOD daily for this opportunity, And for the leadership that has helped me along the way! VIIVA Really Does Mean LIFE!!"
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